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Software Unlimited takes pride in being a proud supporter of Prosecutors. While other companies strive to be ‘all things to all people”, our company focuses on You, the Prosecutor, the unsung hero. We don’t build websites; we don’t try offer software to all the other agencies in the Justice System or to other industries. We focus on helping you do your job better, faster and more organized while saving you lots of money on time and labor. Our goal is to free up the time and energy of you and your staff so you can focus on managing your cases with just a few clicks.

Imagine an office that is basically paperless. Imagine employees that have time to give more attention to specifics of a file and more time to the individuals associated with the case. Imagine a world where you can search in seconds all cases by victims, prosecutors, judges, witnesses, etc. while sitting at your desk instead of rummaging through stacks of paper.

Imagine Software Unlimited. We focus on you so you can focus on your cases, bringing the defendants to justice and protecting the victims. At Software Unlimited, Corp., we are dedicated to helping you be the best Prosecutor’s office you can be.

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I love our Hot Check program! It’s extremely convenient, because everything is right at our fingertips. All the details of the case are right in front of me - without having to hunt for them. The Letter Merge is wonderful! It’s so easy, just a click away. I’m extremely satisfied...”

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